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Staying Compliant With Government Regulations Has Never Been Easier!

We know that as a business owner, you’re understandably busy. You have customers to tend to, employees to pay, and a business to run. We understand that sometimes it’s nearly impossible to retain all the information about your place of business and the state that your appliances are in as you conduct business. That’s why Ace Grease Services is dedicated to helping you remain government compliant with our compliance reports!

When you get your grease traps cleaned or conduct any other type of business with Ace Grease, you will not only have your traps cleaned by trained, accurate, quick, clean, and courteous service representatives, but you will also receive a full-fledged compliance report. Because government agencies require proof of your grease trap cleanings at the ready, we provide you with your report within 24 hours of service!

Our compliance reports will tell you the following:

  • the date of services
  • the condition of your grease trap
  • if anything else needs additional attention

You don’t need to be a large operation in order to receive these reports either. We provide compliance reports for all business from small-town restaurants to hotels and hospitals and everything in between. Regardless of your size and type of business, we are dedicated to helping you keep your kitchen and corral clean and compliant so that you can focus on the matters that truly matter – your business and your customers.

Need your grease trap cleaned? Get started with the professionals today – call us at 800-473-2733 or visit us online at www.acegrease.com to see how we can help you and your business!

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