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4 Reasons Why Your Business Would Profit From Regular Line Jetting

If you’re like many other people, you probably don’t think much about your facility’s plumbing. Many times, we take for granted that we can wash, cook, and scour things, all while having drains and plumbing that work to take the water and waste away from our clean kitchens and bathrooms. It is only when these drains, lines, and pipes clog and backup do we realize how much we take plumbing for granted.

How can you as a business take care of your plumbing and keep it in tip-top shape? The answer is simple – line jetting!

Think of your plumbing as the arteries to your heart. If you don’t care for your arteries and work hard to keep them clean, they will clog eventually, causing you huge problems later on. Just like a neglected artery, all of the neglected drains will accumulate layers of sludge, grease, and debris in time, and eventually, your lines will back up.

When you get line jetting done on your plumbing, water is forced at high pressure through the lines, which will clear up any buildup within the lines and clean the interior walls of the pipes. This is an effective way for clearing an obstruction within a pipeline.

If you’re not totally sold on the importance of line jetting for your business’s plumbing system, we invite you to learn about the 4 different benefits that line jetting provides to your business below!

Debris Is Cleared Away – Line jetting removes just about any type of obstruction from your pipes. The water is forced through at a high speed and pressure to help push any debris or mineral deposits out of the way, clearing the way for water to flow freely through the pipes. This includes any excess build-up, grease, soap, scum, and even rocks that come from doing dishes or laundry.

Bacteria Is Removed – These high-powered hoses work hard at removing all sorts of gunk and debris in your lines. Since the water removes all of these obstructions, bacterium is flushed out as well, making the environment safer for all. Bacteria that settle inside the pipes can emit harmful chemicals in the air, so it’s best to eliminate them through line jetting.

It’s an Effective Long-Term Solution – Plumbing is quite expensive, especially if you wind up having to replace it. By getting your plumbing cleaned out through line jetting, you are ensuring that your lines stay in good condition for long periods of time. This will also help prevent future plumbing problems since your drains will be clean from obstruction, saving you big money in the long run.

It’s Friendly to the Environment – The line jetting process only uses water. There are no chemicals involved in the process, making it the optimal solution for restaurants and food service operations, which have large amounts of grease and food debris flowing through their drains. It also benefits hospitality operations with heavy laundry operations as line jetting works wonders in eliminating soap scum and buildup in the lines.

Line jetting should be performed quarterly, especially for restaurants. If you haven’t had your line jetting performed on your plumbing system yet, fall is a great time to have it done because as the temperature drops, plumbing lines begin to cool, which allows residue buildup to solidify more quickly.

Ace Grease Services can help keep your drains clean and your business running smoothly with our line jetting services. You can be assured that your lines will flow cleanly, which will help you avoid the expensive service calls and any down time caused by clogged pipes. We can clean your lines on the spot or set up a preventative maintenance plan with you to water jet your lines monthly, quarterly, or annually. Get started today by calling 1-800-473-2733 or learn more about who we are by visiting www.acegrease.com!

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