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8 Simple Ways Your Business Can Go Green (And Save Money)

When you’re a business owner, you have a lot of important choices to make – whom to hire, which services to provide, what your office hours should be, and many more. You’re also probably very conscientious with your money and are always looking for smart ways to save some dough along the way.

Going green is a great way to save some of your hard-earned money and help out your bottom line. Here are 8 ways you can help your place of business go green and save some money!

Switch to Post-Consumer Waste Products – Have you thought about switching the type of paper you use in your office? If not, you should! While it’s possible to skip using paper entirely, depending on your business, make sure you use eco-friendly paper if you do print. Switch to post-consumer waste (PCW) paper, packaging, and paper products, which are all made entirely from the paper we place in our recycling bins every day. This will help you use 45% less energy and create half the waste of the traditional papermaking process. Be sure to recycle the paper when you’re finished!

Use Biodegradable Cleaners – Say no to those harsh chemical cleaners! When you use natural, biodegradable cleaning products, you help reduce your exposure to toxins and chemicals and reduce the introduction of these substances into the environment as well. Many stores sell green products in bulk, which makes it easy for you to pick up greener options!

Use CFL or LED Lights – Though compact-fluorescent (CFL) or LED lights both are more expensive than standard incandescent bulbs, they cost will pay off ten-fold as they have a significantly longer life and use much less energy. You can also replace incandescent bulbs with CFL and LED bulbs in almost all fixtures, making it even easier to go green!


Consider Alternate Energy – Powering your office with alternative energy doesn’t have to be difficult or pricy. You can find green power in many areas of the country from your current utility provider. This alternate energy is generated from renewable energy sources like wind and solar power, geothermal, hydropower, and plant matter.

Be Bright About Light – Did you know that artificial lighting accounts for an estimated 44% of the electricity use in office buildings. Try saving some extra money on your electricity bill by turning off the lights when you’re leaving any room for 15 minutes or more. Use natural light when you can to give the lights a break. Consider also investing in Star-rated light bulbs and fixtures, which use at least 2/3 less energy than regular lighting. You can also install timers or motion sensors that automatically shut off the lights when they’re not in use.

Think Vintage – Recycling goes beyond paper; it can also involve office furniture! If you need furniture or if you’re looking for replacement items, think outside the box and consider purchasing used or vintage office furniture and fixtures instead of brand new pieces. You can find great deals on barely used office furniture online and at local thrift shops.

Get the Most Out of Your Computers – If you use computers in your place of business, you could be wasting a lot of money unintentionally. Studies have shown that $1 billion worth of electricity is wasted in a year through computers. Cut this number down by shutting off computers and switching off the power strip it’s connected to at the end of the workday. Check with the IT department to make sure the computer doesn’t need to be on to run backups or other maintenance first, though.

Recycle Used Cooking Oil – Think twice before throwing that used cooking oil down the drain! Not only is pouring it down the drain bad for your lines, but it’s also bad for your wallet. Instead, put your used cooking oil in a safe container and take it to Ace Grease Services to recycle it. You’re not just helping the environment and your plumbing – you’re putting a little bit of extra cash in your pocket as well!

Ace Grease Services can help you increase your bottom line in many different ways! We handle all of your used cooking oil needs, and we are dedicated to keeping your plumbing and back of the house in top working order, which will help you save money in the long run. Call us today at 800-473-2733 or visit us online at www.acegrease.com to learn more about us!


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