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Frying a Turkey For Thanksgiving This Year? Recycle Your Oil With Ace Grease!

There’s nothing like celebrating the holidays with your family and closest friends, and it’s definitely not Thanksgiving without the turkey! If you plan on frying your turkey this year for the holiday, you’ll need oil. But what will you do with that oil once it has done its job?

Don’t throw that excess oil in the trash, and please DO NOT put it down the drain! Recycle your used cooking oil with the experts at Ace Grease Services instead!

Even though it takes just a little extra time to do this, there are many benefits to recycling your used cooking oil. Here’s what you have to look forward to when you take the time to recycle your oil with us:

*You will keep your drains and pipes clear and working at their optimum efficiency.

*You will extend the life of regional sewer systems along with our landfills.

*You will be a good steward of the environment and allow the oil to be converted into biodiesel fuel, which will leave a smaller carbon footprint than corn ethanol.

*You will put some extra money in your pocket as we pay you for the used cooking oil you bring to us!

To recycle any used cooking oil this Thanksgiving, just put the cooled oil in a jar or bottle with a lid, then take it to one of our locations to recycle it. You can choose to recycle the oil container or reuse it the next time you have Thanksgiving or wish to fry something else.

Remember, recycling your used cooking oil helps your sewer system, the environment, and your wallet. Be sure to recycle with us this Thanksgiving!

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