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Energy Sources in Unusual Places – What Happens to Your Used Cooking Oil?

Not many of us think about what happens to the cooking oil we use to cook our French fries or delicious chicken sandwiches. In fact, several of us might assume that the liquid is simply disposed of – after all, it used to be thrown away all the time after it was used. Now, however, used cooking oil is seen as “liquid gold” and can be used to fuel and create so much that we take for granted.

What was once costly to dispose of is now being harnessed as a valuable commodity in cleaner-burning alternatives to coal and oil. A business’s used cooking oil is collected, filtered, heated in tanks to remove water, and then recycled into valuable products that are then used to create plastics, soaps, livestock fuel, and most of all, biodiesel. Within about a week’s time, your used cooking oil can be put to great use, all while decreasing the use of fossil fuels and other non-renewable resources.

Whether you’re a restaurant, hotel, hospital, penal institution, large food manufacturing plant, or anything in between, you can count on Ace Grease Services to come to your place of business and take your used cooking oil off your hands. Don’t have a business but still want to make a difference with your used cooking oil? You can! All you have to do is put your used oil in a recyclable container and bring it to one of our many facilities nationwide. We will take care of the oil from there! Regardless of whether you’re a business or an individual who uses cooking oil in your evening meals, you will be compensated for your contribution.

When you need to dispose of that used cooking oil, don’t throw it away – call the experts at Ace Grease Services! We care very deeply for the environment and for you, our customers. That’s why we work hard to convert all of the used cooking oil into recyclable “liquid gold”! Call us at 1-800-473-2733 to get started today!

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