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How To Reduce Waste Production In 3 Easy Steps!

Did you know the average person generates about four pounds of trash per day?! In today’s society we have access to an abundance of available materials. However, it’s often an overwhelming amount that doesn’t get proper use, turning into unnecessary waste.

Here are some practical ways to incorporate the age-old mantra “reduce, reuse, recycle” into your daily life to create less waste.


As often as possible, eliminate or sharply reduce the single use of:

  • *Products or products that are individually wrapped
  • *Biodegradable products
  • *Reusable bags or reusing plastic bags while shopping
  • *Having receipts printed out or - go paperless instead

Additionally, look for quality products that will last. These are all great ways to help you reduce the amount of garbage that goes into our landfills. Cutting back is just the first place to start on your journey to generating less waste!


There are multiple ways that you can reuse items!

  • *Invest in items that can be reused such as shopping bags, food containers, and water bottles.
  • *If your old gadgets have served their purpose for you and are looking to upgrade, consider donating them to someone who can make use of them.
  • *Repurpose an item that has maximized its potential for the specific use it’s identified for. For example, evaporated candle glasses can be used as a storage system for cotton balls in your bathroom.

Unsure how to repurpose a specific item? Websites like Pinterest are incredible sources to get your creative ideas flowing!


Recycling all materials possible is the main goal to decrease the need for new materials and keep usable materials out of the landfills. Items including glass, aluminum, used cooking oil, and others can be turned back into raw material and used to create other items. Set up a recycling system that works best for you at home, and check with your community to see if they offer curbside recycling or if they provide a drop-off facility to get started today!

Following the "three R's" has several advantages that make a lasting impact! For all your recycling questions and needs, check us out at http://acegrease.com/!

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