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Stopping Grease Fires

Grease fires can be extremely dangerous, and are one of the leading causes of house and restaurant fires. The majority of grease fires occur on stovetops, and they can get out of hand in a matter of seconds. The steps to put out a grease fire are different than that of a normal fire, and knowing these steps can prevent injury and stop the fire from aggressively spreading. It is extremely important that you never use water to put out a grease fire because it will end up splashing the grease and spreading the fire. Also, never attempt to pick up and move the source of the fire as this can lead to very serious injuries.

The proper steps to putting out a grease fire are:

1) Turn off the heating source.

2) Cover the fire with a metal lid or cookie sheet. Do not use a glass lid because the heat will cause it to shatter, which can lead to injuries.

3) If it is a small grease fire, pour baking soda over the fire. Do not try substituting baking soda with flour or baking powder. You must use only baking soda.

4) As a last resort, spray the pot with a class B chemical fire extinguisher. The chemicals will contaminate your kitchen, but it’s better than the alternative if the fire gets completely out of control.

5) Get out and call 911. If these steps do not work and you are unable to put out the fire, call 911 immediately to prevent injury and further damages.

Grease fires spark in seconds; therefore, its essential to remember and follow these steps in a calm manner. There are several precautions you can take in preventing and protecting your home or business from grease fires.

Restaurants and household kitchens should always have proper fire extinguishers in an easily accessible location. The common sign a grease fire is about to flare up is when you see grease smoking. When you see smoke, immediately turn off the heat source and remove the pot or pan from the source. Always take extra precaution and never leave a pot or pan, grill, or fryer unattended, so that you can always monitor the grease. Keep all flammable items away from your cooking stations and make sure you are properly cleaning the area before heating the grease. It’s essential to regularly clean the oven and grill grease trays. Finally, always remember that water is the worst thing for a grease fire and the goal should be to smother the fire to prevent oxygen from reaching it and causing it to spread further.

Grease fires kill hundreds of people and cause millions of dollars worth of property damage each year. Anyone attempting to put out a grease fire has a short amount of time before the fire gets out of control. Therefore, having the right safety precautions in place, taking the proper sanitary measures, and knowing the steps to put out a grease fires is essential in every kitchen. At Ace Grease, we offer grease pickup and grease trap maintenance services for commercial kitchens in every industry. For more information on our services, visit www.acegrease.com or call 800-473-2733 today!

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