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Preventing Oil Theft

As odd as it may sound, your used cooking oil is extremely valuable. It can be recycled and converted into so many useful things, including biodiesel. Thieves are well aware of how useful and valuable your used cooking oil, or “yellow gold” (as they call it) is, and they’ll go to great lengths to steal it from your business’s kitchen.

Protect yourself, your kitchen, and your used cooking oil by practicing these eight simple oil theft prevention steps at your business:

  • Make sure that you monitor your oil levels frequently.

  • Install an automatic movement sensor to help ward off thieves in the night.

  • Install fencing to hide your tanks from the view of passing drivers. Make sure the gate is lockable to prevent thieves from accessing the tank.

  • Consider installing an alarm system that will warn you if the oil level drops suddenly.

  • In many oil theft occurrences, the thieves will wear some type of uniform and drive an unmarked truck. Keep an eye out for this, and if this occurs,   contact the police immediately.

  • If you encounter a grease thief, do NOT approach them. Instead, write down their license plate number and immediately call the police.

  • Be sure to call us as soon as you can. If there is any oil theft convictions made at your business, we will donate $500 to you and $500 to Backstoppers to help catch the thief for good.

Ace Grease is having success with pouring very small GPS beads into an empty bin to float unharmed as the grease collects. If a grease pirate sucks out some of that grease into their tank, the GPS beads transmit a signal relaying their coordinates, so that local authorities can locate them and arrest them.

Did you know that we also offer used cooking oil pickup services? Our team will give you top dollar for your used cooking grease! Visit http://www.acegrease.com/services/used-cooking-oil-pickup to learn more about how you can recycle your restaurant's grease and receive compensation for it. 

Remember to not approach an oil thief, as they could be carrying a weapon and be dangerous. Instead, call the authorities, so they can handle the situation properly. To learn more about oil theft and how to protect your business’s grease, call 800-473-2733! 

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