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Why Your Kitchen's Vent Hood Needs Cleaned

Vent HoodAs a restaurant owner, your kitchen is the heart of your success. It is where meals are made, and pallets are pleased. Why wouldn’t you want to take every precaution to ensure that it is protected? Keeping your vent hood clean and clear can drastically decrease the chance of a fire occurring in your kitchen resulting in costly damages to your restaurant.

Cooking in a commercial kitchen produces a significant amount of grease. The vent hood removes the airborne grease as well as fumes, odors, smoke and steam from the kitchen. Overtime, the hood can become clogged with a buildup of these particles and becomes a major fire hazard in your restaurant. If a flame from the stovetop comes in contact with the clogged hood, it can quickly ignite the hood’s filters. The hood’s exhaust fan then will suck the flames upward into the ductwork. The build up of grease in the ducts can then fuel the flames, causing the fire to grow quickly and causing extensive damage to your kitchen and restaurant as well as potential harm to your staff and guests.

Fortunately, you can prevent this disaster from occurring with our Hood Cleaning Services. Our team of technicians will not only clean your vent hood from top to bottom, but will also perform regular maintenance to ensure that it is always clean and in compliance with the current codes and regulations. A hood cleaned by Ace Grease not only reduces your risk of fires, but also is more efficient at keeping your kitchen clean and free from grease, odors and heat. It is a win-win, right?

If you own a commercial kitchen in any of the following industries, contact us today for scheduled vent hood cleanings and maintenance:

• Restaurants
• Nursing Homes
• Hotels
• Hospitals
• Churches
• School Cafeterias
• Event/Convention Centers
• Theaters
• Correction Facilities
• Military Base Kitchen Facilities

Don’t wait to have your vent hood inspected and cleaned. Protect your investment and business by calling us today at 800-473-2733 to schedule your cleaning!

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