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Why Waste Water Hauling


Does your business have food-related waste water? Look no further! Ace Grease has a highly sustainable solution. Ace Grease has a full-service waste water management service that handles everything from hauling to documentation to treatment. You may be asking yourself, why worry about waste water management? There are a number of reasons that this should be an important subject for your food-related business.


Without waste water hauling and treatment, the water is taken completely out of the water supply. With Ace Grease, our dedication to sustainability and recycling lead us to waste water hauling and treatment. After we treat wastewater, it can be returned to the water supply, thus preserving the earth’s resources.

Fees and Fines

If your business overlooks waste water and improperly disposes of it, the likelihood of being fined by the Environmental Protection Agency is very high. If this happens, any funds that your business may have saved from not properly recycling waste water will be multiplied and spent on fines. If you choose to do it right the first time, you will not have to worry about large fines and fees.

Stench and Smells

We call it waste water for a reason. It contains a great deal of rubbish that we do not want to handle or consume. As we all know, when waste is not properly disposed of or not taken care of in a timely manner, it begins to smell. The difference with waste water is that its smell is much worse than that of everyday household waste. Once it begins to smell, the scent is very difficult to get rid of. This will quickly anger neighbors, employees and clients. For the sake of everyone’s noses, we work with you to set up regular and timely pickups to ensure your waste water is disposed of properly.

Ace Grease is the solution to all of your wastewater issues. We provide top-notch customer service. And with our services, you will have the chance to work in a clean environment and you can rest easy knowing that you are disposing of your waste water in the most environment-friendly, sustainable manner possible. Call us today at 800-473-2733. 


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