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Back to School Driving Safety


School is officially back in session! Because we serve many schools, we want to ensure our students stay safe this year. If you follow the lead of our red trucks and practice these simple safe driving tips, both you and our students will have a safe and successful year.

Hang Up the Phone

Whether you’re texting, tweeting, snapchatting or calling your grandma, stop! Whatever you are doing on your phone, it can wait. Even talking on the phone puts a damper on your focus. Don’t let something as simple as an “LOL” text message destroy your own life or the life of someone else. Many states have implemented heavily enforced laws prohibiting phone usage while a vehicle is in gear. Save yourself the hassle and cost of a ticket, put the phone down!

Slow Down

While we hope you are not speeding at all, please make a distinct effort to slow down in and around school zones. You never know when a kickball may soar off the playground into traffic followed by a child hustling to retrieve the ball and tag the runner out. In that moment, their focus is not on looking both ways or traffic in general. Simply slowing down could save a child’s life.

Bear with Busses

We know that it can be annoying to get stuck behind a school bus while it is making stops. However, we ask that you please be patient. Never pass a school bus while it is stopped, it is illegal and you will receive a ticket. Keep your distance and stay vigilant for the flashing lights and stop arms.

Watch for Pedestrians

Many students walk to and from school, yet many crucial intersections lack sufficient traffic control devices or crossing guards. In school zones, yield to pedestrians even if there is no crossing guard present. Always be patient with pedestrians as well. There is absolutely no need to inch closer, rev your engine or honk. Finally, when stopping at a red light with pedestrians present, stop at the line instead of stopping in the crosswalk. Stopping in the crosswalk can force pedestrians to walk in the line of traffic, thus putting them at an increased risk of an accident.

Stay Focused

We live in a fast-paced world, thus we always feel like we need to be running on all cylinders and multitasking. Driving is not the time to multitask. Just drive. Distracted driving cases have increased over the past several years. While it might be tempting to eat the sandwich sitting in your passenger seat, leave it in the bag until you arrive at your destination. You may think that you can take your eyes off the road for just a few seconds while you reapply your lipstick, but a lot can happen in those few seconds. You could destroy your car or even worse, someone’s life. When you’re behind the wheel, focus on the task at hand: making it safely from point A to point B.

Keeping students safe on the roads is simple. The key is to slow down, pay attention and be patient. If, at any time, you witness one of our trucks driving in an unsafe manner, let us know. We will hold that driver accountable and ensure they drive safe with everyone’s wellbeing in mind. With these simple tips, together we will keep start the new school year on the right foot!

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