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Contain Your Grease with Ease

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As a restaurant owner, you are well aware of the hassle of collecting used grease from your fryer system. If the used cooking oil is not collected properly, it can be messy, smelly and even dangerous. At Ace Grease Service, Inc., we supply a variety of top-notch, modern grease collection containers for your business. Whether you want to store your grease outside or keep it in the kitchen, we have multiple containers in varying styles to meet every business’s unique needs and budget.

 Outside Grease Containers:

A popular option for large-sized kitchens, we offer three different sizes of outdoor units for our clients’ convenience. All three of our containers can be equipped with wheels so that they can easily be transported and cleaned. Our outdoor units are secured with a lock to deter grease bandits. We also have a supply of double-wall containers for extra strength and durability. With our efficient, quality outdoor grease collection containers, you can rest assured that you will never have to do with a leak.

Inside Grease Containers:

In addition to our outdoor units, we also offer advanced oil collection systems for indoor storage. Our inside grease containers are highly efficient, filtering and obtaining cleaner oil, which gives our clients a higher yield. With these systems, you will not have to worry about the hassle and mess of a grease spill in your kitchen. You also do not have to stress over potential accidents with hot grease, as the unit can easily connect directly to the fryer. Customers who utilize these state-of-the-art systems are greatly satisfied with how clean their kitchen remains and how much money they save on both time and labor costs.

Our indoor collection containers include the economy tank, conventional tank, the smart tank and the shortening shuttle. When customers are looking for the most cost-effective option, we direct them to our economy tank. This tank reduces workman’s comp claims, as it comes with a transport caddy to aid employees in emptying the fryer safely. There is also a pumping feature available with this tank, so that the oil can be directly drained from the fryer into the container.

Another great option for cooking oil storage is our conventional tank. This unit is equipped with a float, notifying you when the container is full. Once the notification light comes on, you can then call to have it serviced. Customers enjoy this feature, as it allows them to maintain a spotless kitchen and keep their trash corrals clean. If you are looking for a more technological advanced option, the smart tank is the tank for you. This unit provides all the benefits of our other collection containers, as well as offering you the ability to measure data. With this advanced unit, you are able to see your latest collection history, oil inputs and current grease levels.

Regardless of what oil collection container you choose, our shortening shuttle enables you to safely and easily transport hot oil from your fryer to your container. This shuttle is a smart investment that will not lessen the chance of burns, but also will prevent you from losing your grease during the transporting process. When you invest in an Ace Grease collection container, you are investing in the safety of your staff, as well as the cleanliness of your kitchen. If you are not sure what container is best for your business, call us today at 800-473-2733. We also provide used cooking oil pickup services where you can receive top dollar for your cooking oil. Learn more at: http://www.acegrease.com/services/used-cooking-oil-pickup