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Turkey Frying Safety Tips


Did you know that more cooking fires occur on Thanksgiving Day than any other day of the year? According to State Farm, more than 1,000 of the fires occur from a deep fryer. At Ace Grease, we want you to have a relaxing, joyful and most of all, safe Thanksgiving Day. With these turkey frying safety tips, you can rest assured that you, your guests, your home and your big bird will be safe and sound this coming holiday.

When deep-frying your holiday bird, the key is to prepare beforehand. While buying the biggest bird at the market may seem like a great idea, it is best to pick a smaller sized one. A turkey that is around eight to ten pounds is ideal for frying. Next, you want to ensure that your fryer is working properly, and most importantly, that you know how to actually work it. A fryer with temperature controls is typically the safest option, as you can easily prevent the oil from heating too fast and beginning to smoke. If you are purchasing a new fryer this year, consider buying an oil-less one that utilizes infrared heat. The last and most crucial preparation is to thaw your turkey before you fry it. If it is not completely thawed and dry when you begin to fry it, it can cause the hot oil to flare up out of the fryer. Also, avoid stuffing the turkey, as this can increase the risk of flare-ups as well.

When it comes time to fry, you should be aware of the weather for the day. You should never fry anything outdoors if it is raining or snowing. Once you have deemed the weather to be clear and safe, you need to find the proper place to put your fryer. You should not fry your turkey in your garage or on your deck or patio. Also, your fryer should be placed on a leveled surface, away from trees, cars, tool sheds or other structures. When you fill the fryer with oil, make sure to follow the instructions carefully to avoid overfilling it. Turn the burner off before placing the turkey in the fryer. Once it is placed in the oil, you can turn the burner on. Do not forget to wear goggles for eye protection, as well as oven mitts to protect your arms and hands. You should also have a fire extinguisher close by in the unfortunate event a fire begins. As your turkey fries, do not leave the fryer unattended. Also, keep children and pets away from the fryer.

Now that you know the proper precautions to take when frying your family’s turkey, you can successfully fry a bird that is tender and full of flavor. Remember, follow instructions, allow yourself plenty of time to fry the bird and never leave the fryer. Good luck, and we wish you the Happiest Thanksgiving! 


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