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Driving Safety Tips for the Winter Season


At Ace Grease Services, Inc., we know that the Midwest winters can be rather harsh and unpredictable. To keep our employees safe as well as others on the road, our team of truck drivers practices the proper precautions and driving protocols during the winter season. We encourage all travelers on the road to follow these safety tips during the cold months where the weather is not ideal for driving:

  • Prepare your vehicle. Every year before winter arrives, you should take the time to ensure that your vehicle is ready to brave the strongest of storms. Check the tire pressure, as well as the oil and the brakes. You also should stock your car with an ice scraper, winter hat, gloves, an extra coat and blanket. You also need an emergency winter kit to keep in your car. You can prepare this kit yourself, or you can purchase one.
  • Turn your car on beforehand. You should always start your vehicle at least ten minutes before driving it. This not only warms the inside of your car and defrosts the frozen windows, but it also allows the engine to have time to warm up. Remember to never start a vehicle in an enclosed garage. If your windows are still defrosted after letting your car run, use an ice scraper to scrape your windows clean. You want to make sure all of your windows are clear. 

  • Fill up the gas tank. During the winter season, you should always keep your gas tank at least half full to prevent your gas line from freezing up. You also want to do this so that in the unfortunate event of an accident occurring, your car does not run out of gas while stuck in traffic.

  • When the road is wet or there is possible ice, drive slowly and do not use your cruise control. When there is snow or ice on the roads, it takes longer to do everything, to accelerate, to stop and to turn. Drive with caution, and pay attention to the road and other drivers on it.

  • Allow yourself plenty of time to get where you are going. This tip should be followed all year long, but especially in the wintertime when the weather can be unruly. Leave earlier than normal for work or social outings so that you do not feel the need to speed to get there. If the weather changes, so should your plans. Watch the weather report, and if a winter storm is on its way or strikes, cancel your plans and remain safely indoors. No event is worth more than your safety!

We hope that you stay safe this winter by following these simple driving tips. Also, always remember to wear your seatbelt when in a vehicle! It could save your life. Have a safe, warm and fun winter! If you see one of our drivers out and about, give them a big wave!

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