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Your Business Can Benefit from Our Used Cooking Oil Pickup Service

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As a business owner, you have most likely taken the time to evaluate last year’s performance and are planning on how you can improve and be more successful this year. At Ace Grease Service, Inc., we are committed to helping business owners operate and run their business efficiently. This is why we offer a variety of commercial services to our clientele, one being used cooking oil pickup. While a majority of our clients that utilize this service are restaurant owners, many other businesses can also benefit from our used cooking oil pickup service.

We service anyone who generates used cooking oil. That is right, anyone. From nursing homes to manufacturing plants, we handle pick-ups of all sizes. Regardless of the industry you are in, we will work with you to develop an efficient schedule to regularly pick up your used grease. We even have access to state-of-the-art technology that notifies us when your grease container needs emptied. That way, you never even have to pick up the phone to request the service! It is truly that easy and simple.

With our indoor and outdoor grease containers and pick up service, you no longer have to deal with the stress or the mess of collecting and disposing of your used cooking oil. No more slippery spills or wounds to your workers while trying to transfer the used cooking oil. Our experienced technicians can collect your grease with ease in a timely manner. We also offer durable storage containers free of charge! Oh, and did we mention that you will receive compensation for your used oil? Each time that we collect your used cooking oil, you will receive top dollar for it, as the market dictates.

Whether you are a mom and pop diner or a national chain restaurant, you can benefit from our used cooking oil service. If you own any of these businesses, do yourself a favor and pick up the phone and call us today:

• Restaurants
• Nursing Homes
• Hospitals
• Penal Institutions
• Schools
• Hotels
• Refineries
• Manufacturing Plants
• Municipalities

We want this year to be the best year yet for your business, and we can help you achieve this. For more information on our used cooking oil service or our other commercial kitchen maintenance services, please call us at 800-473-2733!