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Celebrate Earth Day with Ace Grease!


Happy Earth Day! Our team at Ace Grease encourages you to celebrate and play your part in taking care of the Earth today, but also every other day too. We are proud to offer a variety of sustainable, environment-friendly services to businesses and restaurants throughout the MidWest.

  • Grease Recycling 
    Did you know the U.S produces more than 2.5 billion gallons of utilized cooking oil each year? This surplus of cooking oil makes proper disposal a major issue.  At Ace Grease, we are working to combat the negative environmental effects and costs of improper disposal with our used cooking oil pickup services. We partner with local restaurants and other businesses that produce grease to dispose of their leftover grease. Our talented technicians can handle collection from both inside and outside grease containers, and we will work with you to develop a routine pickup schedule. Oh, did we mention that you will also receive top dollar (as the market dictates) for your leftover oil? That’s right! Whether you are a neighborhood bar and grill or a national chain, we can tailor specifically to you business and services. We also work with residents and municipalities to create cooking oil recycling programs as well.

  • Waste Water Hauling
    Despite our name, we do not only handle grease. We also collect, treat, and recycle waste water from food manufacturers. Our team collects the water directly at your site and then disposes of it at a licensed water treatment plant. Once the water has been treated, it is returned to the water supply rather than it being completely wasted. We will work with you to develop a routine schedule, and will handle everything from hauling to documentation to treatment! Simple as that. Learn the benefits of waste water hauling in a previous blog, http://www.acegrease.com/blog/11-tips/62-why-waste-water-hauling.

Now that you know how easy “going green” can be for your business, what are you waiting for? Give us a call at 800-473-2733!

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