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What is Line Jetting and Why Should I Use It?

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Nearly every area of a restaurant or commercial kitchen relies on drains or pipes to function properly. Due to the stress, food, and particles that push through these pipes every day, it is no surprise that they are often clogged and in need of repair. You want a repair service that works fast and lasts, because when your pipes stop working, so does your business. At Ace Grease, we provide a line jetting service that both unclogs and cleans pipes, unlike typical plumbing snakes or augers. Line jetting will get your restaurant back up and running faster, prevent future clogs from arising and, most importantly, save you money.


Line jetting is the process of cleaning and clearing pipes using water from a specialized nozzle at a knife-like pressure level. Nozzles are chosen to fit the diameter of each individual pipe and water pressure can reach up to 60,000 psi. This kind of pressure is strong enough to cut through tree limbs, which can cause serious drainage issues or lead to a complete upheaval of your yard to remove. But with line jetting technology, tree roots can be pushed out of pipes by simply using water.

When jetting a line, our technicians begin by inspecting the line using a video camera. This process shows us where the clog is, the clog’s intensity, as well as any line damage or leaks. Then, we make several passes through the line with the high-pressure hose. This step removes not only the major clog, but also any sludge or particles lining the pipe that could cause future issues.

When you spend money on maintenance, you want to make sure you are getting the best bang for you buck. Line jetting is more cost-effective than average plumbing snakes or augers because it not only fixes the current problem, but also prevents any future clogs. Augers and snakes simply drill a hole in the clog to temporarily allow the pipe to drain again, leaving behind scum and particles. Line jetting, on the other hand, pressure washes the sides of your pipes and completely removes any debris, dirt or deposits. This process has been proven to keep pipes clear for four times longer than augers or snakes, which saves you money in future service calls and lost revenue from closures due to clogged pipes.

One of the most effective ways to prevent plumbing issues is regularly scheduled maintenance. We offer economical, quarterly line jetting services to stop clogs before they start and remove bacteria that can make your restaurant pipes smell. Unfortunately, every business is at risk of plumbing issues regardless of how much maintenance is done. We have technicians on-call 24/7 to fix your plumbing issues quickly and affordably. If you want to keep your business and your pipes running smoothly, call us today at 800-473-2733.

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