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Which Grease Container Is Best for Your Restaurant?


It’s understandable that everyone has different needs in the kitchen, which is why we at Ace Grease Service offer many different sizes and types of grease containers with customizable options to meet the varying needs of our customers. But, how do you know what container will be best for you? To make your decision easier, we have laid it all out for you.

Outside Containers
To meet different needs, we provide three different sizes of outside units. We also offer wheels to meet your portability and cleaning needs. To deter thieves, these units will be locked, and we can even provide double-wall containers upon request.

At Ace Grease, we care about the environment, so we offer an advanced oil collection system in addition to the outside units. The cleaner oil that is obtained through this system will give you a higher yield and is a cleaner, safer, more aesthetically pleasing, and hassle-free option.

Inside Containers
Inside grease collection systems are a safe, efficient, technology-based, and hassle-free way to ensure your kitchen is running smoothly while being compliant with government regulations. With our systems, you won’t have to worry about accidents with hot oil. Since the unit features a quick connection to your fryer, there’s no mess and no need to worry about workman’s compensations claims.

The oil is already filtered upon disposal, so you will receive higher yields for the oil. Our equipment allows you to filter and reuse the oil or dispose of it whenever needed. The inside containers also allow a clean, sleek looking kitchen with the absence of a grease container outside the restaurant.

There are three types of inside grease containers- Economy Tank, Conventional Tank, and the Smart Tank. We also offer a Shortening Shuttle, which makes it easy and safe to transport hot oil to your outdoor container, lessening the chance of spills and burns.

Economy Tank
The Economy Tank is our most cost-effective option. This tank still provides the numerous benefits that the other models offer, but at an economical price point. This tank brings many advantages to your kitchen including safety and cleanliness.

This is a great alternative to dumping oil in an outside unit, which can reduce workman’s compensation claims by avoiding burns and falls. There’s also an option to add a transport caddy to aid in emptying your fryers in a safe, sanitary manner. The Economy Tank also has a feature that allows direct pumping from your fryers, eliminating the need to handle the hot oil.

Conventional Tank
The Conventional Tank is another used oil storage option that comes with a float to signal when your unit is full. A notification light turns on to let you know when your unit needs to be serviced. This allows you to maintain a clean kitchen, avoiding spills and transporting the hot oil to an outside container.

Smart Tank
The Smart Tank is our top of the line model that is the ideal combination of safety, cleanliness, and technology to optimize the efficiency of your used cooking oil collection. This tank ensures the safeguard of your employees, diminishes risks, advances sanitation, saves money by cutting costs, and uses technology to measure data. This unit allows you to see real-time data: latest collection history, oil inputs, and current usage status.

We also offer a Shortening Shuttle, which is a way to transport hot oil to your outdoor container. To learn more about our grease containers or to order one, visit http://www.acegrease.com/containers or call 800.473.2733.

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