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Grease Trap Cleanings, Repairs & Replacements.. We Do It All!

Grease Trap

Have you ever worked in a commercial kitchen or do you own a commercial kitchen? Then you know the importance of keeping fats, oils and grease (FOG) out of the sanitary sewer system. Keeping FOG out of the sewer systems is critical for environmental and public health reasons, but also for meeting local, state and federal regulations. Ace Grease specializes in cleaning grease traps as needed or even on a preventative schedule.

First things first, what is a grease trap? A grease trap is located either outside or inside. If it is inside, it is commonly found under the sink, and if it’s outside, it is usually underground. It “traps” the grease as wastewater from the kitchen flows through the grease trap. The grease floats to the top and the sediment sinks to the bottom which allows the “filtered” water to continue through the pipe to the sewer line.

Ace Grease can service all sizes of grease traps ranging from those of local restaurants to those of hospitals. Since many municipalities require regular cleanings, we can work with you to generate a service schedule that works best for you and meets local, state and federal regulations. Creating this schedule and sticking to it keeps your sewer system from backing up and creating costly damages in the future. Our regular maintenance will also ensure that you are able to keep business running smoothly without any interruptions or lost revenue due to temporary closures.

Typically government agencies require proof of grease trap cleanings, and we offer the proper reports to our customers within 24 hours of the cleaning. These compliance reports describe the condition of the trap and inform you if anything needs extra attention.

When your grease trap needs repaired or replaced, there’s no time to waste.

Ace Grease has a range of services to meet each customer’s need:

  • Complete installation of grease traps.
  • Skilled professionals assessing the individual needs and capacity requirements of each location.
  • Grease trap maintenance subsequent to installation including:
  • Regular inspection of all working parts inside interceptor.
  • Repairs on broken elbow fittings, collapse flow diverters and manhole replacements due to cracks or shifting.

Ace Grease performs over 200 grease trap repairs each year. Our trained team of professionals works to restore your trap to proper working order. If a replacement is needed, we’ll provide a detailed work plan informing you of every step taken to ensure you have a fully operational grease trap and interceptor. Ace Grease also offers discounts to our used cooking oil customers! Your mind can be at ease knowing 100% of the oil removed from your restaurant will be recycled. If you think you need your grease trap inspected, or if you want to bundle with your other services provided by Ace Grease, visit www.acegrease.com or call (800) 473-2733.


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