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Help Stop The Downward Spiral of the Grease Market!

The collection of grease is extremely beneficial for all parties involved: business owners receive funds for their unwanted grease, the grease collection agencies are able to sell the grease for a profit, and manufacturers are able to turn the used cooking oil into valuable goods. Best of all, the environment benefits, making grease collection a win-win situation for all of us!

On the contrary, research shows that grease collection has been rapidly declining over the years. An industry that should be trending upward actually decreased from 2.66 billion pounds in 2005 to 2.40 billion pounds in 2010.

There is no one apparent reason for the decline. One possible factor could be the result of the increased price of vegetable oil since 2007. The bad economy could also be to blame as people try to cut back their spending. Grease theft also remains a recurring problem, and grease is also being scooped up by non-rendering companies, causing lost volume for grease collection companies.

We don’t have to let the grease collection industry spiral into oblivion, though. In fact, there’s a way that YOU can help! Help turn around the industry by referring a friend to Ace Grease. If the new business signs with Ace Grease Services, we’ll give you and the new business each a $50 credit. For more information, please visit www.acegrease.com or call 1-800-473-2733.

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