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8 Ways You Can Prevent Used Cooking Oil Theft

You may not really realize it, but that used cooking oil of yours is incredibly valuable. It can be recycled and converted into so many other useful things, including biodiesel. Thieves are well aware of how useful and valuable your used cooking oil is, and they’ll go to great lengths to steal it from under your nose.

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From Trash to Treasure: The Rising Theft of Grease

A dark alley filled with trash dumpsters and bins for used cooking oil - it’s the last place you’d expect thieves to steal something of significant value, but you’d be wrong. Grease theft is on the rise. The hunt for sustainable fuels to end dependency for U.S. energy has turned this yellow liquid from useless to extremely valuable, not to mention profitable.

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States are Starting to Crack Down on Oil Theft!

Grease theft is a rising problem that robs not only the companies collecting the oil of lost funds, but also the businesses that the oil is taken from. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence across the country as used cooking oil (a.k.a. liquid gold) is becoming more valuable since it is the key ingredient in creating biofuel, amongst other useful substances.

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Help Cease the Theft of Grease

Who would have thought that used cooking oil would one day be considered liquid gold?! Restaurant owners are now getting paid for something they once had to pay to have removed. The used cooking oil, also known as yellow grease, is often used to create biodiesel, which is in higher demand thanks to soaring gas prices.

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