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How to Vacation as a Restaurant Owner


Summer will be over before we know it. As a restaurant owner, you have spent a majority of it indoors, investing in the success of your business. However, there is still time to squeeze in that family venture to the lake or that dream beach vacation. That’s right. You are only human, and every human deserves a break. In fact, you need one. While it may seem impossible for you to break away from your restaurant and its ever-growing to-do list, with careful planning, you can truly unplug and enjoy yourself.

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What is Line Jetting and Why Should I Use It?

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Nearly every area of a restaurant or commercial kitchen relies on drains or pipes to function properly. Due to the stress, food, and particles that push through these pipes every day, it is no surprise that they are often clogged and in need of repair. You want a repair service that works fast and lasts, because when your pipes stop working, so does your business. At Ace Grease, we provide a line jetting service that both unclogs and cleans pipes, unlike typical plumbing snakes or augers. Line jetting will get your restaurant back up and running faster, prevent future clogs from arising and, most importantly, save you money.

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Keep Your Employees Cool for the Summer

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As the temperature begins to rise outside, it is important to keep your restaurant’s kitchen temperature low. Not only is climate control imperative for the health and productivity of your workers, lower temperatures also decrease the risk of kitchen fires. These tips will help you keep your kitchen safe and cool this season.

  • Keep Your Systems Clean: Your HVAC and hood ventilation systems work best when free from debris, grease and dust. It is important to continually check your HVAC for build-up and schedule the appropriate maintenance. Hooded ventilation systems are imperative to keeping heat and fumes out of the kitchen and should be cleaned often. If your hood needs to be cleaned or inspected, give our team a call.

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Deep Frying Safety Tips


Summer is right around the corner. Soon enough you will be frying summertime classics, such as fish, corn dogs, fried chicken, French fries, and Oreos®! Frying food can be delicious, but also dangerous. With these simple tips, you can fry happily and safely all summer long!

  • Pick a kind of oil that has a high smoke point. The smoke point is the temperature at which the oil will start to burn and smoke. If you heat the oil past its smoke point, your food will have a distinct burnt flavor, nutrients in the oil will be lost, and harmful free radicals will be created. You want to pick a more refined oil that has a high smoke point. Light olive oil, avocado oil, corn oil, almond oil, sunflower oil, and sesame oil are ideal for cooking at higher temperatures.

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Celebrate Earth Day with Ace Grease!


Happy Earth Day! Our team at Ace Grease encourages you to celebrate and play your part in taking care of the Earth today, but also every other day too. We are proud to offer a variety of sustainable, environment-friendly services to businesses and restaurants throughout the MidWest.

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