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6 Practical Ways to Use Leftover Bacon Grease

Bacon is quite the popular food. Everyone loves to eat it for breakfast, slather it on their cheeseburgers, and even consume other treats that are bacon-flavored. There’s no doubt that bacon has become a big tasty staple for us here. While the food is great to eat by itself, fried to a crisp, lightly cooked, chopped up in salad, or on pretty much anything else, there’s one small challenge that we encounter when we cook bacon – the grease. What on earth do you even do with all that grease?

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How To Reduce Waste Production In 3 Easy Steps!

Did you know the average person generates about four pounds of trash per day?! In today’s society we have access to an abundance of available materials. However, it’s often an overwhelming amount that doesn’t get proper use, turning into unnecessary waste.

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Head Back to School With These 3 Recycling Tips!

School has officially started for most, which means tax-free weekend was spent in chaotic superstores frantically grabbing the best deals on supplies listed on your student’s school supply list. It might have seemed like déja vu as you looked at their list and noticed some of the supplies listed, contemplating whether you’ve already bought them or not.

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Your Restaurant’s Ultimate, Go-To Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

If you’ve ever been in the back of the house in a restaurant, you know that it’s an insanely busy place. Food orders are going in and out as chefs, cooks, waiters, and waitresses hustle to provide their guests with the most excellent food as quickly as possible. While many things get dirty throughout the course of a day in a restaurant (and trust us, lots of things do!), it can be hard to remember which items to keep clean when in order to remain compliant.

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Personal Oil Disposal: 7 Important Questions Answered

Cooking with oil is one of the easiest ways to make your own food. More and more, people are turning to cooking oil to have home-cooked meals on a tight schedule. And with many healthy options to choose from, it’s a great alternative to other cooking methods. Yet every level of home cook and chef is wondering how to dispose of it!

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