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What to Do When the Toilet Overflows

Running a restaurant means overseeing all aspects of your business - even the restrooms. Unfortunately, overflowing toilets do happen, and when it happens it can wreak havoc on your restroom. Below are step-by-step tips to stop an overflowing toilet and (hopefully) fix the problem.

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The Essential Garbage Disposal Dos and Don’ts

Garbage disposals are a fantastic instrument of convenience in the kitchen. They make doing chores easier and less demanding and are simple to use. However, if the disposal isn’t properly maintained, it can break down easily, clog and block the drains, and cause a very long and expensive list of plumbing and drain nightmares.

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Like Saving Money? Find Out What You Should NEVER Put Down the Drain

What’s one of the most preventable issues a home or a place of business could have? Grease-clogged drains! These problems tend to cost thousands of dollars to fix, but all it takes is a bit of extra care and attention to make sure it doesn’t become an issue by not allowing fats, oils, or grease to go down the drain in the first place.

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Help Stop The Downward Spiral of the Grease Market!

The collection of grease is extremely beneficial for all parties involved: business owners receive funds for their unwanted grease, the grease collection agencies are able to sell the grease for a profit, and manufacturers are able to turn the used cooking oil into valuable goods. Best of all, the environment benefits, making grease collection a win-win situation for all of us!

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