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6 Simple Ways Restaurants Can Keep Their Plumbing in Tip-Top Shape

When we think about what makes a restaurant so successful, we typically think about delicious entrees and courses, superior customer service, and a fun and relaxing atmosphere. While these factors may truly spell success for a restaurant, they could never be accomplished without a fully working back of the house – the sinks, the grease traps, the septic tank, and the entire plumbing system. Without these things, the restaurant will fall apart.

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Staying Compliant With Government Regulations Has Never Been Easier!

We know that as a business owner, you’re understandably busy. You have customers to tend to, employees to pay, and a business to run. We understand that sometimes it’s nearly impossible to retain all the information about your place of business and the state that your appliances are in as you conduct business. That’s why Ace Grease Services is dedicated to helping you remain government compliant with our compliance reports!

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7 Tips for Effective Grease Trap Maintenance

For health and environmental reasons, it is important to keep fats, oils and grease (FOG) out of the sanitary sewer system by using a grease trap. Most municipalities require that grease traps be inspected and cleaned regularly. The minimum required cleaning of the grease trap can vary, but a general rule of thumb is that a grease trap should be cleaned when it becomes 25% full. To prevent an establishment from exceeding the minimum, it is suggested that grease traps be cleaned quarterly, monthly, or depending on the need.

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Help Cease the Theft of Grease

Who would have thought that used cooking oil would one day be considered liquid gold?! Restaurant owners are now getting paid for something they once had to pay to have removed. The used cooking oil, also known as yellow grease, is often used to create biodiesel, which is in higher demand thanks to soaring gas prices.

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